The Floor Years: songs for an audience of one

by Elam Blackman

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a demo that was never mastered. the files are long gone.


released October 1, 2006

recorded at hi n dry studios by tom jankovitz



all rights reserved


Elam Blackman Vallejo, California

Elam Blackman was born in the front yard. Red dirt roads. A cottonwood. His parents were/ may still be hippies. Some days nothing happens. Elam writes songs. Elam talks in the third person for bios. Do you like bios? Elam is shy at times and when he gets to know you he might tell a joke or two. For less bio and more music stop by on the world wide web of the internet. ... more

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Track Name: Freckle
© Elam Blackman 2006

Lazy as a daisy. Coming up? Maybe.
the sun will shine on you
in your one patch of green clover tanning you all over till you freckle and brown
And your skin carries heat and releases it slowly to the sounds
Of Mexico. Hammocks and mole
Life was complex but no. not if you do what your gut says
Mariachi marching out of place. Such a serious face he passes by all decked out in lace

I can see love in your eyes. I kiss them when you cry
The walls are caving in I’m craving to pull you closer
and kiss you right there in the street
It don’t matter if it’s Brooklyn or Paris
when your heart is srtumming you’ve got to follow the beat
And it was you in a dream that took three days time
Repose in your home. Just us two and the clocks ain’t telling time

Is this love we want to know
Is it a garden in the cracks of the chrome
Are we laughing at the way that it shone
Like a pheasant rising high as a stone
Sweet one cooking up soup. Bread and butter to boot
And the card cries “I’ve only four suits”
God says it doesn’t compute
To the stars gashing at roofs
shining like diamonds that turn back into coal
dancing like the god father of soul on a mountain stage
Douglas fir is all the rage
So we looks at store fronts for that green growing coat
But just like a goat seeking a sage
The point is just that. So off to bigger escapades.

I love you I can’t explain and I don’t intend to one day
Just know this fair one as you freckle in the sun
That the sand supporting your weight has loved an ocean and though
they are parted it chooses not to run
I don’t claim to be brave or to have the truest aim
But now that I know you all that could really change
from the calm to the calm. From storm to bloody storm
Out in the cold, but we’ve got homes for us to warm

The harmless miles between us impregnate migrating birds
Lay idle and stretched out they don’t offer any words
Love don’t have to be here it’s a world wide thing
A web if you will without the gossamer strings
I’ll take a spindle or two and lay in wait for you
And until that time I’ll do what people do
Solace will rest in my skin a memory within a memory
You don’t have to be touching to be touching me
Though I’d prefer it that way
Toes cooling in the clay
I must go on to say that love is what we choose it to be
I’m choosing you for me
In a way that sets us free
To smile so wide and aloof
Strangers prying to get at the proof
But shadows only dance for us
We’re out there picking up rust
The colors so vividly exclaim our secret
That we and god are the same

Irreverent beautiful bee in the buzzing bursting sea